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Drug Abuse Statistics

Welcome to the Drug Free Coalition of Hall County Data Dashboard

The dashboard contains data from the Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0 and can be customized so that you can change the following parameters: location, year, grade, type of substance (alcohol, marijuana, tobacco or prescription drugs) and the core measure you are interested in exploring (age of first use, use in last 30 days, perception of parental/adult disapproval, or perception of risk of harm).

While in the document, place your mouse over the graph you wish to explore, and use the drop down menu within the pivot chart to change the specific parameters for each graph. To look at all core measures for a specific graduating class, use the ‘Core Measures by Class’ tab, and follow the instructions to customize the graph for your data needs. The ‘Help’ tab provides additional instructions on how to use pivot tables. We would love to hear your thoughts about the dashboard –please email us with comments or questions through the Contact Us page.

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