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Have you seen the Drug Free Coalition of Hall County's NEW billboards?

We are pleased to inform you that once again, in partnership with Fairway Outdoor Advertising we have secured 5 NEW billboard messages; these will rotate throughout Hall County so long as the vynals are in good condition.  This is the same great in-kind donation we received from Fairway five years ago, and a couple of those vynals are still rotating around the county as well.

The new messages include:

"Alcohol and drug use damage the developing brain of an adolescent."

"Good job! 88% of students report abusing prescription drugs is harmful."

"Don't Be a Party to Underage Drinking.
Under 21 = No Excuses."

"Don't Give Them Everything They Want.
Under 21 = No Excuses."

"Henry, age 17 never uses weed. Marijujana use isn't as common as you think.

83% of high school students have NOT used Marijujana in the past 30 days."

Let us hear from YOU!  If you see and/or "like" any of the new billboards please visit us at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Drug-Free-Coalition-of-Hall-County/58581237487

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